Belhaven Black Scottish Stout Draught

Lousy Beer Can Image
Lousy Beer Can Image

It’s amazing the things you can unearth on the most miniscule of research budgets.  What you have to do is show initiative.  Together we can kick heck out of this thing.

Social Media was on fire last week with our beer commercial.  Crazy on fire.  Pretty gratifying when you think about it.

This is certainly an inky black stout if e’re there was.  And from some place called Scotland.  Has anybody checked that Scotland actually exists?  It’s up there somewhere east of here.  I’m kidding, right?  I’ve been to Midlothian, which is just west of East Lothian, from whence this beer hails.  Some place called Dunbar.

Not that Dunbar.  I think it should be “Lousy Image Beer Can”.

I’ve even read “Heart of Midlothian” by Sir Walter Scott and you won’t find anyone else on this blog making that claim.  I read part of it while flying into Midlothian.  Scott didn’t write one called “Heart of East Lothian” which pretty much puts an end to that idea.

Hail yeah, it’s smoky and furnacy.  It’s like six shifts in a coal mine.Belhaven Black

It’s black all right.  Black as night.  Black as Edward, the Black Prince.  Black as a black cat cross my path.  This stuff is dark.  It’s tasty.  It’s different and you like things that are different.

It’s a lighter, draughtier version of Belhaven’s Black Scottish Stout which tips the scales at a healthy 7% ABV.  This stuff’s 4.2.  They added some lightness.

IMAG1326That’s it for experiments in beer.  Please have a safe and prosperous dog days of summer.  I’ve never actually understood the meaning of that expression.  I guess we’re all lying around like hot dogs waiting for some rain.  Is that it?  No.

Author: Steven Brown


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