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Nightmares End

“You stupid damn fool, why’d you shoot this customer?” “I didn’t shoot this customer.  I plugged them ones over there.  I must have killed all three of them.  Look at the size of them holes.” Nobody cares about “Advertisements”.  I … Continue reading

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Scarborough Fair

“The troop was at Quan Loi, northwest of Saigon, in 1969. The terrain was different from the Hiep Duc-Que Son Valley area.  The war was different now.  Here were dense, lowland jungles, occasionally broken by the straight rows of rubber … Continue reading

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Violets In The Sun

It doesn’t matter where you are.  A statement, it must be admitted, that is open to interpretation. It’s tough when you don’t know what “interpretation” even means.  A Quebecer who can speak French?  Quebecois?  La Langue Francais?  Quebecois?  So let’s … Continue reading

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