Steamworks Kolsch Lagered Ale

Steamworks KolschThe question is, what are you willing to do for 300 words? It could come to this. Come to writing beer commercials. For free.  It’s all right.  It’s any work that lies to hand.  It’s “Kölsch”.  Sure it is.  Love those little dots over the “ö”.  I wouldn’t waste a lot of time over the site.  It’s “Under Construction” but I’ve no idea for how long.  Steamworks

“Lagered” ale.  Look that up.  I don’t know.  I just like the can and what’s inside it.  That’s when they make a bunch of ale then cool it way down like a lager.  What’s a lager?  Pretty sure.

Great artwork.  It’s what’s striking about the Steamworks line-up.  The Kölsch, among other things, has a fanciful, fun rendering of something out of the Montgolfier brothers.  Another writer has used the word “whimsical”.  And that it is.

Brandever A local graphic design concern doing a lot of great work.  Art direction by Laurie Millotte and Bernie Hadley-Beauregard.  Concept by James Ng.  The illustration itself is by a guy you should check out, St. Louis-based  Michael Halbert

This is a well-captalized beer.  I’m glad I found that out so that instead of merely gumming another can of Steamworks Kölsch or any other Steamworks brew and wondering who’s behind these brilliant illustrations I can have a clue as to what’s going on here.  “Kölsch” in the can.

And then you remember Cologne.  Not the fragrance but the town.  Köln.  And, like a true student of life, you pick up on how this “Kölsch”, and many others like it bearing the same name, are based on a style of beer that originated in Cologne/Köln.  Cologne’s a really old town in Germany.  Of course it is.  And if there’s one thing they know about not just in Cologne but all over Germany it’s beer.  Let’s get started.



Author: Steven Brown


4 thoughts on “Steamworks Kolsch Lagered Ale”

  1. I agree, wonderful design, whimsical or fun, I might call it, especially when you know it comes from Gastown. Been in the restaurant but haven;t tasted it. Great history lesson also.


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