Snapdragon Pink

Who invents this stuff?  You look up and here it is, growing in a pot suspended on a hook.  Impossibly pink flowers.  I mean you played with snapdragons when you were a kid, right?  You grasp the flower by your thumb and forefinger and squeeze a little and there’s the dragon’s mouth.  Open wide.  I didn’t.  But I could have.


But not pink.  Not this impossibly perfect pink.  It’s a medium pink, almost creamy.  It’s not a dusky pink or a hot pink.  It’s not “Pink”.  It goes pink.  Antirrhinum majus.  “By pinching sides of flower lightly, you can make jaws snap open.”  I never.  It might have jaws but it’s got no teeth.  Nor does it go “snap”.  It’s dead quiet, ladies.  So what is it?  Where do these names come from?  Snapdragon snapdragon.

IMAG1388These are modified snapdragons.  They’re so modified they’re not even snapdragons.  You know.  These people again.  Ipomoea carnea.  They’re pink, but of a vastly different hue than the snapdragons.  It’s true.  These images were taken within seconds of each other in what you might call “flat” lighting conditions.  It’s a whole different pink.  Come on now.

I wouldn’t know anything about that.  And then, just before we decide we’re winding this thing up, some Azalea starts producing it’s own brand of pink flowers.  It’s hard.  Azaleas. We didn’t know.




Author: Steven Brown


2 thoughts on “Snapdragon Pink”

  1. Snap dragons definitely remind me of my childhood. I always made them talk, couldn’t shut them up actually. Mini flower puppets for wanna be stand up comics.😀


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