Virginia Creeper

I better get this down. You know, before I forget. Sounds scary. The creeper from Virginia. Creeps around. Creeps me out. Not exactly. It’s just a plant, a climbing vine that swallows buildings. Nothing to worry about here.

It’s amazing the things you learn from people who know more than you.  I mean about Virginia Creeper and a whole lot of other stuff.  Like how Viginia Creeper is what grows on the Sylvia Hotel.  Oh yeah.  That stuff.

DSCN0253Ouch.  The Sylvia.  Ran up some horrendous bar tabs in that place.  All in the past.  All in the past….

So now, of course, September’s here and the creeper’s turning red.  It’s the chlorophyll, guys.  The chlorophyll.  It’s over.  Finished.

These leaves have fuzzy backsides.  That just sounds wrong, but it’s true.  Feel the back of one of these leaves and it feels fuzzy or velvety.  Anyway, ladies, it’s got texture.  And texture is something to be coveted.

I don’t expect anybody to understand that this blog is not about plants.  I get that way myself sometimes.  What this blog is not about is dogs.  Those dogs.  What this blog is about is art and creativity by the last person who would know.  And sometimes plants.  I just want to make sure I stay on the same page here.

DSCN0255Parthenocissus inserta.  What this plant is, is reliable.  Reliably green in spring and summer turning reliably red and orange in the fall.  That’s from the Sunset Western Garden Book.  I know.  It isn’t officially fall yet.  It’s okay.

Virginia Creeper courtesy CS Nicol



Author: Steven Brown


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