June 18, 1815

200 years. 200 years and the space of 200 long winters. It’s 200 years since the most talked about military engagement of 1815. Can’t believe it. Battle of Waterloo for all you history buffs out there. Staying buff? Hope so. 200 years ago today.

You know.  Arthur Wellesley Duke of Wellington and the gang?  Cannons and black powder rifles and a cast of thousands on a muddy field in Belgium?  You remember these guys. They’re back:

Scotland Forever aka Charge of the Scots Greys
Scotland Forever aka Charge of the Scots Greys

The Scots Greys got pummelled on June 18, 1815 and so did a lot of other guys but the red coats prevailed and Napoleon’s 100 days was finished.

The painting, again, was by Elizabeth Thompson, also known as Lady Butler, and appeared 66 years after the famous charge it depicts. Lady Butler was a very talented artist obviously. She’d be worth reading about.

I never understood why Napoleon, if that in fact was his real name, has been lauded by so many historians. Napoleon was a killer responsible for vast amounts of death and destruction. I think the really interesting part is that he basically came from nothing and turned Europe upside down.  Europe is heavy so that must have been hard to do for a little guy, which is what he was.

So I was lying  here in a swoon and looked up at the calendar and realized. 200. All those books I’ve read on the era. It’s just a number, that’s true. But it’s an anniversary. A bicentennial.

I think there’s still a dinner held to honour the occasion of the anniversary of The Battle of Waterloo. It’s called The Waterloo Dinner. Pretty nice spread I’m sure. I’d be baffled if Beef Wellington wasn’t on the menu.

I can tell you for sure that it’s macaroni and cheese around here tonight.

Selah. Take a moment and think about that.


Author: Steven Brown


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