Vladislav Tamarov 1985-1
Vladislav Tamarov 1985

You know what?  I wanted to include this image for the previous post.  For reasons our data team has adopted as their pet project of the moment, I couldn’t load it. They’re looking into it. But how could they?  They don’t exist. It happens too often.

Am I gay or does Vladislav Tamarov remind you a bit of a young Brad Pitt? If Brad the Pitt was in a truck with guys with guns movie? Back then?

Vancouverluft. That’s right. That’s exactly what it is. The beneficent balmy wind. Good name for a band. It’s yours. You can have it. Vancouverluft could go down in history the same way Vancouverstrasse did. That was enormous.

We don’t experience our own, unique luft too often, but it’s been by the last couple of days and the little zephyrs are still around. The sound is incredible.

It’s the wind. It’s that airy light gusty presence, soft on the skin. It’s the breeze with no bight. It blew over the Delphiniums the other night and that’s probably not the worst it could do, but almost. It’s the kindness. It created a bit of a kefluffle I knew nothing about because I was asleep. Sorry? No. I needed the rest.

Vancouverluft. It’s funny about rare things. It kind of softens the brain and you think, “Oh, yeah. It’s like this all the time.  Why I’s all bitchin about the rain? Ain’t none.”

It’s not exactly like that. What we’ve enjoyed here, and it’s mostly gone, is Vancouverluft at its spring-time best. That rumbustious, raucous caressing gusty breeze.  It just doesn’t get any more adjectival. It’s great.

We’ll be right back. Coming up:  A quick update.

VD 1985




Author: Steven Brown


2 thoughts on “Vancouverluft”

  1. As long as Brad the Pitt/Tamarov was in the truck full of Guns, then you’re not gay. However knowing the name Delphiniums, well that might be questionable….😁. Fun, breezy post Steve!


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