American Abstract Expressionism


It’s such a good image.  Straight from the site.  I’ve been inside this thing and I can prove it.  Upon reflection, the building is magnificent.  And no question.  It’s still the best laundromat in Manhattan.  And I’ll vouch for that.

I knew nothing about the subject of the title of this post.  That is until the security guard said to me one day a while back, “I’ve got a book for you.”  And sure enough he did.

The book is called “The Turning Point” and it’s written by April Kingsley.  The publisher is Simon & Schuster, the publication date 1992.  That’s all right.  It’s not that long ago.

The security guard and I have a good relationship.  I’m not sure why that is.  It could be because in his duties he always preferred the .38 over the 9mm.  The reason?  “It’ll never jam.”  And I feel the same way on some level.

The security guard doesn’t pack these days but he’s painted for a long time.  And we share some of the same frustrations, like being born in Saskatchewan.  He found out I’m a writer because I told him, and told him where he could find proof, such as it is.  I’ve yet to see any work by the guard, and it better be good when I do.  I know it will be.

     more to come…  


Author: Steven Brown


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