January 2017


Coming over the hill is almost always worth the terrible struggle it takes to get back here.  I  love this town.

We took the Crown Mountain trail.

I love that Los Angeles Times story comment a couple of days ago about, “fascist scum in the White House”.  My immediate thought?  Wrong network.  That show’s on NBC.  It’s kind of copy-catting the big hit of the new year.  Looking forward to another episode of   “Alien Zombies In The White House” on ABC tonight at 10.  Starring, you better believe it, the gorgeous Chris Hemsworth.

I was surprised, and I’m serious about this, that Mattel is in negotiations to bring out a talking Kellyanne Conway doll. Everything she says, including “and” and “the” is a lie.

You can’t make this stuff up.

That was a tough January and I’m glad I wasn’t around to experience it because I’m marshmallow soft.  I’m white and just a little ole piece of pudginess.  It’s too bad.  I mean good.  And I can’t make out why no one has mentioned “The Peter Principle”.  I guess no one remembers the 1970s.  I certainly don’t.  The lost decade.

Actually, on further review, “The Peter Principle” was published in 1968.  The author was Laurence J. Peter and the central argument of his book, which is still valid today, because that’s what principles do, is that people rise to their level of incompetence.  They go along, they rise based on what they’ve done, or said they’ve done, and then they get up to a place where they really have no idea what they’re doing.  Sad. Big bad disaster.  A killer.

Laurence J. Peter was born in no place else but Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  He made his name though, like so many of us beaver people, in the United States of America.

Some smart person or publisher should get that book out again.  These days have done wonders for George Orwell’s career and Aldous Huxley’s career so how about the career of Laurence J. Peter?  It doesn’t matter if you’re dead.

Looking forward to February.  February’s got one thing going for it that January doesn’t have.  It isn’t January.  It’s also got that silent “r” in there and no other month’s got that either.  Cool.  Feb-u-ary.

We’ll be right back after these important messages








Author: Steven Brown


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