I Think That Went Fairly Poorly Or Not

America’s stupider than a lot of people thought, including me.  Or maybe it’s everybody that thinks America’s stupider than a lot of people thought that are the stupids.  If that’s true I’m in there.  Time will tell.  Wheel of fortune.

Is stupid open to interpretation?  That’s a liberal way of asking can there be a lot of stupid people who don’t know they’re stupid?  That think other people are stupid?  And is their stupidity, if it exists, any greater than those who think they’re stupid, who, it has to be said, have been stupid themselves?

There’s winner stupids and loser stupids and the loser stupids won.  Does that explain it?  Or were the winner stupids actually the loser stupids making the mis-labelled loser stupids winners?  Anyway, that’s what happened.

Everyone has done stupid things and maybe that’s the way ahead, but just how much stupidity is it going to take?  Where’s this thing headed?  Stupid stupids.   They’re everywhere.  It’s going to be stupendous, stupid.  Depending how you look at it.  Stupid.  Stupid yourself.

Eminem says it best:  “Paul, listen.  Joe just called me and told me you’re in the ******* back behind the studio shooting your gun off in the air like it’s a shooting range.  I told you not to ******* bring your gun around like an idiot.  Outside of your home.  You’re going to get yourself in trouble.  Don’t bring your gun outside of your home.  You can’t carry it on you.   Leave your ******* gun at home.”



Author: Steven Brown


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