Museum of Military Medicine

War means fighting.  Fighting means killing.  Killing means dying.  I love war movies.  And if you’re not killed you may still require medical attention.  If you’re dead you don’t need medical attention.  I think this is true even if it isn’t a movie.

You wouldn’t even know this place is here.  I didn’t.  It’s tucked in a corner of what is currently Canadian Army 39 Brigade Group Headquarters which is in that building that used to be the HQ of the old RCAF Station Jericho Beach, Vancouver BC Western North America Planet Earth.

The Station got so old they gave it to the army.  The army’s leaving before too long and so is the museum and the building is coming down.  At least that’s my prediction.  Until then, she’ll be waiting.


Also known as the “Bowmer-Shoebotham” Museum.   Doesn’t matter.  You can’t get in without an appointment.  Military Medical Museum  You just have to phone ahead.  We knew someone on the inside and just waltzed in, guns blazing.  If you like your military museums small to the point of cramped, and jam-packed floor to ceiling, this one’s for you.  It’s a bit of work but, like victory, it’s worth experiencing.

There’s been an enormous amount of work put into the museum.  One of the founders and present curator is Lieutenant-Colonel Adrian French CD, who, in his present configuration, is an accommodating older gentleman in blue blazer and light grey pants.

The “CD” designation indicates the “Canadian Forces’ Decoration” bestowed on personnel who’ve been hacking it in the military for at least 12 years.  I get the distinct feeling Lt.Col French hacked it for a lot longer than that.

Not Sure But Maybe
Not Sure But Maybe


Richard Widmark
Richard Widmark
Pretty Sure This Is the Guy
Pretty Sure This Is the Guy
"I Know. Nobody Can Believe It."
“I Know. Nobody Can Believe It.”
Maybe It's You
Maybe It’s You
Walker Deployed, Suspect Visits the Museum
Walker Deployed, Suspect Visits the Museum

The gentleman on the right is not Lt. Col French.  That is Mr. Bruce Holvick.  A few snapshots doesn’t do the place justice either.  Nothing could do that.  The museum needs a larger space and how about all those white mannequins?  Ain’t they got no black mannequins?  Aside from that it was a pretty interesting visit.

We’ll be right back…


Author: Steven Brown


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