Oktoberfest 2016

Don and Mike. What a falling out was there. So little has changed you don’t know where to begin. Did anybody really think Donny was pure?  There’s probably a hundred tapes like that.  I can see Don post election. “I’m talking about a huge success here. This just isn’t epic fail, it’s terrific fail.” He’ll be looking for work and getting it.

But that’s not why we’re saving this draft this evening.  We’re here to talk about Ted Cruz and Oktoberfest.  I love how they spell it like that.  Ted is back.  The Calgary native has dis-re-endorsed.  He invented a new concept.  After discussions with his team and his family, the way forward is no go.  I don’t blame him.  He felt he had to do something.

oktoberfest_1_1Ted Cruz and Oktoberfest and I go back a long way.  We go back two posts ago, a place not even this soldier wants to go.

It doesn’t matter now.  If you ever wake up in the Hofbräuhaus at 5:30 in the morning don’t worry about it.  It’s a big place and they just couldn’t find you.  I was there.

Oktoberfest is obviously a special time.  It’s Oktoberfestbier time. And this Paulaner put me right back there in old München.  Dear, dear Munich.

Most of all I remember the bier.  Don’t say that too many times or they’ll think you’re weird.  And they’ll be right.

Post Debate 2 it’s plain the Trumpster’s a mad stalker.  He couldn’t stand still and was obviously doing everything he could to hold himself back from cold-cocking Hillary with that mic of his.

Did you catch him with those burning eyes looking straight into the burning camera eye of America?  “Don’t you understand?  I wanna be prezident.  Prezident Prezident Prezident.  Is that so hard for you people?  Look.  What part of want to be prezident don’t you get?  Prezident.  Me.  You losers!”

Samoyeddogs’ll be right back


Author: Steven Brown


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