Outpost Of Empire 4

Then Don goes bitching about the mic set-up at the debate. What a whiny little ***** this dude is. I nearly burst into tears, such was my empathy.  I was so glad when somebody else besides me noted the similarities between Donny and Mussolini.  I mean, come on, Don.  I took that course.  Now he’s bragging about how he hasn’t paid taxes in years.  Wystan Hugh Auden says it best:  “Intellectual disgrace stares from every human face”.   Auden was great at parties.

“When you’re listening to “A String of Pearls” in twilight on Boundary Pass you know you’re at this Outpost of Empire.  We’re back.  Let’s capitalize on that. This gig is goin great. The votes are in and Glenn Miller and his orchestra are the big winners this evening. “Perfidia”.  “American Patrol”. “In the Mood”.   That’s how it goes.  That’s the way it’s always been with me.  What I mean is the job isn’t bad but the pay’s nothing.  It’s the calmness at twilight out here because it isn’t always like this.

img_1540You start thinking about what’s it gonna be tonight?  Mexican or British?  What’s happening in the kitchen?  It’s right in my kitchen.  I mean “Better come in the kitchen, cause it’s going to be raining outside”.  That’s when you know the forecast and you’re good with it.  It’s all good.  And then you just don’t care anymore.  Because you’ve won, handsome.  You made it and it didn’t matter if anybody noticed because this here is it!

Drown me with a spoon the “Maasdam” is just coming through Boundary Pass. A beautiful ship.  Holland America Line.  Sailing west heading for Haro Strait.  A bit down in the bow and listing to port but that’s the sort of thing nobody on board ever notices.  I apologize this image isn’t a bit sharper.  I dropped the camera.  1250 passengers.  580 crew.  Outbound for Sydney, Australia by way of Hawaii and the South Pacific.  Holland America Line is headquartered in Seattle, Wa.  I didn’t know that.

MS Maasdam
MS Maasdam

We’d just like to acknowledge the kind feed-back from the good people of Sequim, Washington and their kind forbearance for the the fact that (an expression my mother told me never to use) the site didn’t know the correct pronounciation of the name of their fine town.  Pronounced “Squim”.  You know,  I seen it on a map and always thought of it as “See-quim” but that is just plain wrong.  Next up on KSQM Miss Peggy Lee and “Why Don’t You Do Right (Get Me Some Money Too)” .  Tomorrow night Iggy Pop’s coming in with some “Raw Power” and I know we’re going to get a load of that.

Orcas Island in the Background
Orcas Island in the Background
Out of Bounds on the Right
Out of Bounds on the Right

Thank you for your kind interest in this little travelogue.  We appreciate it.  Stay with us.  We’ll be right back after these important messages.






Author: Steven Brown


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