Faux West

imagesKodi Smit-Mcphee. Your fancy name ain’t gonna save ya from this disaster, son. Goes for you too, Mr Michael Fassbender, if that in fact is your name. I’d shoot Ben Mendelsohn myself if I could locate his sorry butt.

I take that back. It was the character he was playin.  Caren Pistorius, if your role hadn’t a been so hacked off and chewed up and left for dead in that fake clapboard house thingy this here movie might a had potential.

Worst thing is we don’t know who these people are.  There is but a modicum of character development and that hurts when you’re all sittin in the theatre waitin for somethin to happen.

Now I know western movies, horse operas some people used to call em, mean different things to different folks.

But when I see a bunch of strangers shootin off huge amounts of expensive lead I do start to wonder when the verisimilitude and suspension of disbelief is gonna come in.IMAG1287It’s a good effort.  It’s beautifully shot although old New Zealand ain’t ever gonna stand in for the old west.  Not enough character development.  I mean, these incredibly well-armed characters, well, where’d they get the money and stuff to have all these beautiful pistols and rifles? They ain’t rich.

It don’t make sense, but that’s all right.

Author: Steven Brown


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