Buffalo Trace

BuffaloTraceBuffalo Trace. Deep amber. Explodes in the mouth like a caterwaul of everything you’re supposed to know about this bourbon, but didn’t. 90 proof.  Meaning?  45% alcohol by volume (ABV).  Of course it is. Half a second later it’s the robust welcoming experience of a great bourbon you’d yet to try. The wait is over.  Buffalo Trace

This is a bourbon whiskey to treat with respect. We don’t want to wake up in Kentucky here. You know, when the first question is, “How did I get here?” After all this tribulation? And the police are here?

Read the label. Apparently some buffalos broke into the country before Chuck got here and were roaming and stuff and chomping too much grass. But they left their “Traces”, their paths or Route 60, or whatever it was, and got lost. Wait.

The ancient paths of countless buffalo led America westward. Legendary explorers followed these trails, known as traces, through rugged wildernesses to new lands and new-found freedom. One such trace was called the Great Buffalo Trace. Early pioneers who followed this trace settled along the banks of the Kentucky River, with plentiful pure limestone water and fertile bottom land, it was no wonder a rich distilling heritage was born on the site of the Buffalo Trace Distillery.’

IMAG1287My first thought on reading this is, “What a bunch of bull”. Buffalo bull. It’s like when I read the label on “Zubrowska Bison Grass” vodka saying there’s supposed to be buffalo that are native to Europe. Turns out it’s true.  European Bison  Shock value.  I think I’m so smart and I didn’t even know that. It’s the trouble with expertise, I guess.

And then just one more half shot of Buffalo Trace seems like it might not be a bad idea.  Hallelujah.

Author: Steven Brown


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