Classical Gas In The Rain

What? I don’t even know what you might be intending there. My car takes regular. You know how it is when you feel verklempty and that you’re undoubtedly in some obscure sense shirking some sense of duty you might have to something you half think you should be doing? Remember that?


And you slink off to other things because you just can’t get it together for what you think you should or ought to be doing?  Because it’s not working and you feel stressed and you just want to get out of here.  That’s it.

Chopin.  You’re thinking of Mr. Frederic Chopin and how you don’t have a recording now of his “Nocturnes”.  You used to have.  But it was on vinyl and the vinyl went away.

So rather than study, or write, because the whole world is waiting for something from you, you concentrate on shopping for other stuff that’s suddenly important in your world.  Because, cher amis, it beats work.  Correct me if I’m wrong.  And you couldn’t find the Nocturnes yesterday.  They’re not in the produce section and you looked everywhere you could think of.

VicSquare2States is looking, and has been looking, for Mr. Gustav Mahler’s 9th Symphony.  So, in a burst of creativity, in the middle of this afternoon’s rain, we elect to drive downtown to the last and finest emporium of “Classical” in Raincouver.  “Sikora’s Classical Records Ltd” 424 West Hastings.  Right in the heart of things.

Precision bombing has removed the Imperial Bank building on the corner there of Hastings and Hamilton SW.  We noticed that and stopped, in passing, to stare through the construction fence at the crater.  “Dark reddish/maroon polished marble or granite or whatever it was,” I was saying.  “I remember.”  I was talking about the exterior facade of  the extinct former CIBC bank site.  Poor thing.  But something new will grow.

There’s no time for soft feelings about disappeared buildings so in the pelting rain onward to Sikora’s.  Made it.

Deutsche Grammophon Daniel Barenboim Chopin’s Nocturnes 1982.

Naxos Polish National Radio Sympony Orchestra 1993.

Once again, dear friends, yours in the rain.  7:00 pm.  The rain has stopped!  This is crazy.



Author: Steven Brown


4 thoughts on “Classical Gas In The Rain”

    1. Hi Serge – You’re right. Verklempt: Emotionally inhibited in a convulsive way, according to the “urban dictionary”. “Verklempty” must mean you got it really bad. Now if I could just remember where I heard it first.


  1. Precision bombing. Good one. Like photo bombing, a fun past time, especially up at Queen E. Park during wedding season.😄 and speaking of precision bombing, our old haunt, the old White Spot is set to go soon, at Cambie and 13th. Talk about verklempt…


    1. Thanks tthirwell14. I hope you’re well. You know, I’ve never been in that White Spot all the time it’s been there. And now they’re blowing it up? Maybe there’s a plan to have another one somewhere around there…


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