Ides of March Chocolate Tube Slime

It’s something so unbelievable, so cunning, cold and inevitable it leaves you kind of dumbfounded.  Mr. Dumbfounded.  He’s back.  Because it’s here, this thing, and no one told you.  Turns out it’s been around a long time.  It’s Stemonitis splendens.   OMG.

These Are Not Grapes
These Are Not Grapes

Day one.  White grapes.  Or mothballs.  Whole bunches of mothballs.  What are all these white grape mothballs doing out in these here woods?

Day two.  Scant twenty-four hours later.  Chocolates.  Tasty looking chocolates.  Metamorphosed grape mothballs.  I’m serious.  One day later.

This Is Not Chocolate
This Is Not Chocolate

Sophocles nearly had it right.  Wonders are many, but none as wonderful as fungus.  Fungus.  There’s still much to do in the fungus fields, apparently.  Not all fungi secrets have been revealed.  So if you’re looking for something to do on a wet day like today…  You know, if you go out in the woods.  The field is open.

A fungus is not a plant so get over it.  It feeds off dead stuff like worn out trees.

Day three.  You may be reminded of a couple of things but it’s still Stemonitis splendens.
Having a bit of a lie down.

If It Makes A Move Run
If It Makes A Move Run

It’s wild kingdom stuff.  It speaks for itself.  I figure people ought to know about this before it’s too late.  Too late like when it’s dark and you won’t be able to see it.

Yrs in the rain.  Photos courtesy CS Nicol

Author: Steven Brown


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