Sob Stories

I detect a theme running here this month and that theme is how quickly things can change, long inert periods suddenly punctuated by moments of sheer terror.  I had a job I’d been doing well for years until one day I learned that certain individuals imagined my integrity was something they could play with like it was a little toy of theirs.  I declined to be viewed as endorsing that take on who I am.  I voted for my integrity and for that indiscretion I’m still paying three years on.  So the lesson must be:  “Screw your integrity”.  Because I’ve found that integrity is very expensive.  In strictly monetary terms the meter has run well into six figures and in personal terms this desire not to break with my sense of my own integrity has come close to ruining my life.  Sob.  Gasp.  But we can have a little fun with this too.


Author: Steven Brown


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