Make America Hate Again

samoyeddogs News Aggregator Is On The Air

Cut Throat Productions executive producer Fritz Jones declared himself “very happy” in a recent interview with samoyeddogs that ABC has picked up his new half hour experiment “Alien Zombies in the White House” airing Tuesday nights starting this January. “It’s a comedy show with some horror and reality TV and some other stuff,” says Fritz. “Yeah, it was great to get Chris back.”

Chris, of course, is the hunky Chris Hemsworth, star of “Kid With the Mask”, ABC’s ratings stand-out cancelled earlier this week. “It was time for a change and Chris and I both saw that, so yeah, the Kid had to go,” says Fritz. “But we couldn’t be more excited about Alien Zombies in the White House.”

Looking forward to the premiere.

In other news the site couldn’t help notice yesterday’s story in the Los Angeles Times that newly minted White House chief political strategist Stephen Bannon has revealed plans for a corps of attack dogs trained to go after black people, muslims, people of the Jewish faith and “Anybody else who gets in our way”.

The “Freedom” dogs will be a special breed of white Alsatians.  Bannon says he got the idea from movie director Samuel Fuller’s 1982 production of “White Dog” that starred Kristy McNichol, Paul Winfield and Burl Ives in which an injured stray white dog is nursed back to health only for it’s new owner to discover the normally tame and mild-mannered hound metamorphoses into a vicious killer every time he encounters a person of colour.

“It’s a brilliant movie and I love old movies,” says Bannon.  “I really dig ’em.  We feel attacking black people is a good start but it’s an idea that has great potential for expansion.  Our freedom fighting corps of white canines should be ready to go within weeks of the inauguration.  It’s going to be superb.”

Initial plans call for a 100 dog training facility on the White House South Lawn.  Once training is complete the dogs will be released around the Washington, DC area.

“We’ll see how it goes,” said Bannon.  “We’d like to see white freedom dogs in all 50 states.”

Entertainment Weekly is reporting president-elect son-in-law Jared Kushner has retained the services of a smile coach in an effort to help him look less menacing when confronted with news photographers and reporters.

“The media’s so biased when it comes to the unsuitability of Donald as president,” said Kushner.  “We know he’s unsuitable.  That’s the point.  But there’s so much bias.  It makes me angry when I’m confronted by these losers with their damn cameras and questions, but I don’t want to, you know, scare the kids.”

When asked to comment on Stephen Bannon’s white freedom dog initiative Kushner, who is Jewish, said, “No comment at this time.”

It’s just a matter of time before they get that one sorted out.

Have a wonderful evening.

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Author: Steven Brown


4 thoughts on “Make America Hate Again”

  1. Great expos-eh! And apparently Pence is asking Bannon for a fleet of Pugs that can chew the ankles off of Darwinists, to “cut them down to size.”


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