The White Dog

I knew I’d get to this.  It’s not about the dogs.  I mean generally.  Specifically, from time to time, it might be about a specific white dog.  When it happens, Trump me, it’s a rare occurrence.  I mean trust me.  I don’t know what I mean.  I think I know what I mean.

That Is A Tired Animal
That Is A Tired Animal

All the leaves are brown.  Leaves are falling one by one.  The falling leaves drift by my window.  “The white dog” is also an expression from bourbon making.  I remember having the pleasure of being in the fine town of Loretto, Kentucky one fine, fall afternoon.  There wasn’t a single, largish, white fluffy dog in sight.  I felt good about that.  Because I get all squishy and sentimental.

No, I was in Kentucky this beautiful day under the bright, Kentucky sun, to learn about the white dog.  What it is.  And what it can do.  And maybe most importantly of all, where it comes from.  Because pedigree is everything in bourbon making.

Debate #3.  “She’s slaughtering him.  He doesn’t know what to do so it’s motormouth.  Uh-oh.  He’s glaring at the camera eye of America again.  If I don’t get my way there’s gonna be trouble.  Tremendous trouble.”

Then it’s, “If I don’t win I won’t accept it.”  It’s a scream.   Go ahead and don’t accept it then!  Go on.  Go around not accepting it.  You don’t accept it.  I understand that you don’t accept it.  What I’ve heard, and you can bring some clarity to this, is that you don’t accept it.  So then, you don’t accept it.  You don’t accept it.  Tell me again you don’t accept it.


And then it’s,”You know what?  I don’t ******* care if you don’t accept it.  And you want to know something else?  I don’t ******* care.  And if you haven’t heard, I don’t ******* care if your **** falls off and your ******* useless ******* campaign and your useless ******* attempt to take over America has ******* failed.  **** you.

“White Dog” is what the whisky makers of America, or quite a few of them, call the clear, distilled liquid they have produced from corn and a few other things that is set to be poured  into those new American oak barrels whose innards have been slightly charred.          Burned by fire.  And it’ll be staying there for at least a couple of years until it ain’t white no more.  Usually longer.

It's Black and White
It’s Black and White

The White Dog is a symbol of elegance and purity.  That must be what that’s about.  And pride and honour and coherency.  Donald just likes being on TV and being the incoherent centre of attention.  And Donald Trump needs a break.  You look beat, boy.  He needs to get back to entertainment because he’s going to be needing the money.  It’s just funny.

Moving on…

Author: Steven Brown


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