Apathy 10 At A Glance

September 20, 2016.  6:30 pm.  Just sitting around journalizing and keeping it clean.  I was thinking it’s how I resist doing things, and not the things I feel I should be doing, that’s interesting.  Because there’s not a lot I want to do.  It’s a lot more complicated than that.  I just downloaded Apathy 10.  A lot of cool new features.

But why not have a ‘who cares’ attitude when there’s nothing out there?  I mean there’s something.  There’s always something out there somewhere, but how important is it that you get on it right now?

Isn’t that an attitude you have to have?  Just click on it.  I like that fireworks effect.  Why waste time on trivials when you can waste time all the time?  On everything.  And how do you do that?  By doing absolutely nothing, Grandma!  It’s right here!


And that’s exactly what’s happening tonight. Crap, he thought, I hate babysitting.

Your influence may be greater than you know.  But it’ll never be that great so why don’t u worry about something else for a while?  Even a short little while.  It’s in ‘Settings—Procrastination’.

I keep forgetting to explain to my followers that I know all these poets.  And I don’t know why I do that.  But that, for me, is a very rewarding experience too.  Forgetting and the apathy involved in forgetting.  I got a Masters thingy because I write **** like this. That’s what I was trying to say.

What do I do now?  Keep going.  Unless it just looks like too much work.  I don’t really care anyway, do I?  I just love how it does that.

Thanks for stopping by a minute.  Seems a bit breezy right now.  If I only do 14 more words I win a prize so here goes.  That is great.



Heavenly Blue Morning Glories courtesy CSNicol

Author: Steven Brown


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