Pfungstadter Hell 1831

hellHe said what?  We’ll be back after these brief messages.  You look around and tend to see eveything, and because it’s been the way it is for awhile, you can be forgiven for thinking that’s it.  We’re back.  And then there it is, shining at you from the cooler, a six pack of PFUNGSTÄDER HELL 1831.

And you laugh your crazy head off.  What a crazy, what a stupid.  Pfungstädter Hell 1831.  Never heard of it.  MILD PRICKELND URSPRÜNGLICH it says near the bottom.  Is this supposed to be funny?  I mean you’re wondering.  And I was too.  And then you think, because you can’t help it, what the hell is going on?

And the answer is.  You know what the answer is.  Nothing’s going on.  It’s just something you didn’t know about.  And how the hell did that happen you might add.  Or someone might add.

I don’t know where Hesse is and I don’t want to know.  Somewhere in Germany, but that could be anywhere, and I’m fine with it.  Also fine with this Bavarian style lager.  “Hell” = “Bright” in German.  I don’t know.  Got it off the website.  Have to take their word for it.

Bavaria is a place I could tell you about, but not now.  What I will say is that “Hell” opens like the strangled cry of a dachshund bitch in heat and levels off from there nicely.

This is a nice bier from these nice German dudes in Pfungstäd, Hesse from that there privatbrauerei of theirs.  And they’ve been making it through all that colourful German history since 1831.  Now I know.  Danke schön. 4.9% ABV.

Author: Steven Brown


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