Slurgfest et al

samoyeddogs has been digging holes in the backyard again and has come up with some more dirt about this:

DSCN2894 (1)

I have to tell you that Rod Filbrandt was not involved.  The dirt was flying and the pristinely pink paw pads of the research team were getting blackened.

This now unfortunately disappeared piece of “urban art”, we’ll call it, for lack of a more precise definition, that was at the rear of a now demolished building that until last year stood at the southwest corner of 7th and Cambie, wherever that is, is a mashup, if you’ll pardon the expression, of at least three different artists who added their genius at different times.  At least that’s how I remember it.

I don’t know about the pinstripe teddy bears and the swerving, scribbling tag at the top of the image, but the two things to the left of the teddies are examples of a “Slurg”, creation of artist Joachim Lau.

Slurgs-Joachim Lau Herr Lau is originally from Hamburg, Germany but currently, as far as we can tell, resides in Toronto, Ontario.  Whether Joachim Law drew his work in situ or whether he had his work drawn for him by somebody who admires it is not known at the present time, as they say in law enforcement.

The stencil on the right of the top image is by “Jerm IX”  aka Jeremy Aaron Bertrand.  Maybe everybody knows this but me, but Jerm IX was active locally for some time.

Jerm IX stencilJerm IX works in stencil and according to our police scanner was arrested and charged with defacing public property, or whatever exactly the charge was, in Peterborough, Ontario December 2015.

Which is too bad and civic overkill, but that is for the judge to decide, if she or he hasn’t already.

Jerm IX did a lot of stencilling when he resided here in Vcr.  His work is also brilliant and I wish I had ten thousand of these guys.

Have a wonderful evening.








Author: Steven Brown


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