iPoem 6s

There’s some real comedians down at apple.com.  They’re better than they know.


iPoem 6s

Or immediately get directions home
Drop a pin on your current location and send it to a friend
Natural and intuitive
Or the wag of a tail

Capacitative sensors instantly measure microscopic changes
Could only happen with deep integration
Deepen the experience
Used in the aerospace industry

Stronger at a molecular level
Capacitative sensors measure the pressure
In one natural motion
In stores or in apps

In one natural motion
Near the contactless reader with your finger
The safer way to pay with your fingerprint
Since you don’t show your credit card you never reveal your name

It’s easy to reap the rewards
Contactless payments
Deeply powerful
To provide the nuanced effect

They let you know what actions you’re performing
Third-generation local tone mapping
Perfectly lit selfies
As crisp and clear as if you were face to face

It’s not an accident that it already feels familiar
This code is automatically displayed
After you enter a security code it will begin
You can choose not to honour the request

Get a new unlocked iPhone every year
Open on other devices
Boarding passes and loyalty cards
Explore tips and tricks


Hope your Good Friday is good.  Oh yeah.  They painted the bravest sign I know.  Looks better too.  Compare to image at “Star Weekly”.  Go ahead.



Author: Steven Brown


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