Fuzzy City Blues

You do your best but you just can’t get this camera to work.  Actually, it works fine but you just don’t know how to use it.  And then you just don’t know what to do and you cry.

January 13 2016 evening

And then the printer jambs and then you run out of paper and then you run out of time and this is the result.  Fuzzy city.  I was after the cloud, hit the switch, blasted away but I should have had the camera on the tripod.  The lonely cloud.  It liked it here and decided to hang around as long as possible.  The only cloud in town.

Sunrise on the Tantalus
Sunrise on the Tantalus

Tantalizing.  The “Tantalus” range in dawn glow from the upper deck.  An art print.  That’s “Alpha” over there.  Or maybe it’s over there.  “Serratus” we all know, is where?  And I forget the other one.  Fill out your card and drop it in the slot.  We’ll get this thing sorted out.  Let’s see.  It was “Alpha”, “Serratus” and and and…

I’m sharpening the steel tonight.  I’m lousy at it.  You know, with the sharpener thing?  What’s it called?  The steel round thing that’s been machined at the factory and it’s your knife sharpener?  No?  Wasn’t cheap, either.

I don’t know where this month went but I hope it keeps going.  Not a huge fan of winter these days.  Fact is I know what I’ve been doing.  I figured it out.  Hibernating.  Sure.  Like a bear.

You make the necessary cuts.  You cut and cut and cut again.  Until there’s nothing left.  They cooked the meat and called it dinner.

vp-us-lc-library-roof-ratIt’s how it works, but that does nothing to address the problem of the roof rat, or whatever it is, that keeps digging our spring bulbs out of their pots here on the upper deck and eating them.  Rattus rattus.  Exactly.  This rat’s gotta go.

It’s destroying spring and spring’s not even here yet.  I wish it was.  The roof rat comes by night.  We threw some netting over the pots but Master Rattus came back and dug into one that wasn’t covered.  That’s initiative for you.  I think there’s a trap on its way for this customer.


Author: Steven Brown


3 thoughts on “Fuzzy City Blues”

    1. Well, Fuie the cat has an idea something’s going on out there but Rattus comes at night when everyone’s job is to lounge around downstairs rather than getting concerned with what’s going on upstairs in the cold and dark. Maybe that’s it.


  1. It’s rats with a bushy tail. I purchased some tulip bulbs that said on the package “squirrels won’t dig these up” I planted them and none of them have been dug up although the rats with bushy tails have been in the pots. Hope some survive.


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