Christmas Crinkle II

This is better than Lesley Stowe.  What’s become of you, Lesley?  Lesley Stowe  There you are.  Crinkles come in these long, slender packages 25 to a box.  You know.  The forest green box with the cellophane cover so you can look in there and see what’s going on with these round, cracker-looking things.

They’re like crackers but they’re not crackers.  They’re “Crinkles”.  Christmas crinkles.  Mostly they’re pretty good but occasionally they’ll snap back and make you wonder why you ever dreamed of buying another package of these darn things. You always do.

December 20.  “I don’t know what it reminds me of, but it reminds me of something.  Do you have it?  Its green.”

December 21.  News Item.  “I didn’t want to talk to him and he didn’t want to talk to me.  Fair enough.  Both busy as all.  Putin’s like a child that you just can’t hate.  Is he a bad fit for his electorate?  Of course, but he’s your child and you have to take care.  So that’s a good thing.  Here’s the flashlight.  And here’s the batteries, Mr. Putin.”

DSCN0557 Going strong into the Christmas crinkles and you realize.  Still a guilty pleasure if you have the patience.  Understanding.  Patience.  Resolve.  Staying power.  Patience.  You can do it.  How long has Charlie Sheen been wearing a wig?  It’s re-runs.  Here it is again for another year.

I never thought of this before.  One of my dearest friends was born on the shortest day of the year.  Suddenly, like about two minutes ago, this hits me like a hammer-blow.  It must explain everything.  But it doesn’t unlock the mystery of friendship.  We can live with that.IMAG1493

I love these cards.  It’s like when you’re a kid.  We got this one Friday.  Getting cards isn’t what it used to be.  It looks like people are sending them less.  They’ve moved on now to using social media as a substitute for communication, so there’s been that change.

“I found everything I wanted,” I said to the sales associate at the point-of-sale this afternoon.  I didn’t have to say anything, but this just blurted out.  If you have the time to take your time it can put a smile on the face of the person processing your method of payment.

I haven’t shopped here for a while but the selection is better than ever.  I was impressed by that last week which is why I came back.



Author: Steven Brown


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