The Facebook

Yeah that’s right. Twenty years to break me down. I saw the 2010 movie and I thought, “No. I’m still not gonna do it. Sign up for the Facebook.”

I mean, I liked the movie. “The Social Network”? And Jessie Eisenberg?  Always so darn cute. Loved the movie.  But was I gonna do it even after that?  No way, as we used to say.  And I didn’t.  And I wouldn’t.  You often just wonder who cares?Jesse Eisenberg

But I’m on the “Facebook” now.  And you’ve probably digested my complete profile by now.  Everything breaks down into the eensiest, teensiest particles of complete information about everything, everywhere, all the time.  This was the future.  Even I predicted it.  Is it a good thing?  Too late for that.

Strange thing, people you’ve never heard of coming up to you on the data stream wanting to be your friend.  The list of contestants is getting longer every day.  Who are these people?

It’s good for pictures.  Odd, strange little semi-unexplained images.  Photography’s such fun.  Especially when you’re an amateur.  You don’t have to worry too much about absolute precision.  Or some putz stealing your stuff and passing it off as their own.  You can have it, loser!  That’s the spirit.

So it’s over now.  I forget the rest.  “Thought I’d something more to say.”



Author: Steven Brown


6 thoughts on “The Facebook”

    1. Hi tthirlwell14. Gosh, I wish I had a handle like that. It is appreciadated, as you say, to Facebook. It just happens like magic. I wasn’t even involved. In fact I was sound asleep.


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