I Think That Went Fairly Well

Makes a nice change. The Neo-Cons take a whupping and it is to be hoped we can see the last of some things, and hear the last of some things.  If they took a whupping the NDP took a worser.  Too bad in a way, but I think a fine majority of Canadians were determined to get rid of something that had been troubling them for some time.

Like unethical, stupid, low, ignorant, irresponsible, gross, lying, tasteless politicking.  Seeing the last of all that may be a bit much to hope for, but this thing was definitely all about you, dog.  I hope we helped you with your process.  Thank you.

The Neo-Cons got 99 seats.  They’re going in the right direction which is down.  They can go back to the play-pen with some new leader and oppose stuff.  But they won’t have the power to kill stuff or to bull-doze through highly questionable stuff.  Postmedia News showed itself to be an ass.  The Globe&Mail wasn’t much better.  Runnin scared and the question needs to be asked, “Why?”

IMAG0721This word “base” for instance.  Can we lose that one now?  “Playing to his base.”  His base.  Playing to his base base as in low, witless and uninformed?  “The base”.  Screw the base.  It’s a stupid cliché.  It sounded stupid the first time I heard it and it still sounds stupid so why don’t you TV and newspaper people dump it.  Do it now.  Thank you.

“Clearly” is another one.  When a politician says “Clearly”, as in “Clearly, I am not a proto-fascist”, or some such, it’s anything but clear, sisters and brothers.  Can we can, dump and extirpate “clearly” now?  Clearly a base is something to try to reach on the field of play.  That’s it.  Thank you.

So now the honeymoon is on.  It won’t last long.  Justin Trudeau demonstrated that he really wanted the job.  He wasn’t just kidding around.  It’s a tough job.  He’s way cooler than the guy he’s replacing.  And he’s got integrity on his side.  Let’s hope it stays there.  That could be…  it just might be…  awesome.  It’s a tough job.  Thank you.

Author: Steven Brown


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