Car Pride Day

What seemed hardly begun is already winding down. A lot of things are like that when you start looking into it.  In case you missed it, it’s “Car Pride Day”.  Car pride day is when you put the words car, pride and day in quotations and capitalize each word so everything seems more important than it just might be. No matter.

It’s October, a storied month, and you’ve got a lot of reading to do.  But before that the car is a mess and if you don’t do something it’ll just sit.  Get out there and clean up the car before it’s too late.  Pride of ownership of a fairly clean car.  It’s you.

1955 Ford Customline SedanI remember these in my dreams.  A starry sky full of 55 Fords.  It’s like some antique show out here and we’re just spraying her down first, then we get in there with the mild detergent and water.  Then, because winter’s coming on, time for a wax job.

You’re in a hurry because you’re meeting your girlfriend at 3:30 pm.  I am?  He likes hot cars and knows about the “Clear coat” cars get these days before they leave the factory.  You know nothing about that, you’re opening your can of carnuaba.  You know about the paint job on your car and it’s lousy.

I love the “egg-crate grill”.  Love the concept.  Love the idea.  You know, it’s just all that antique-y stuff again.

Of course it involves vacuuming too.  Of course it does.  I was just about to say it.  You can do it whenever.  The front and the back and  the trunk, right?  This is one old trunk.  But huge!  And the liner’s in pretty good shape.  I love this car.  God, these people had it good.  TBC…

1955 Ford Customline Tudor photog courtesy the photographer


Author: Steven Brown


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