Vancouverluft II


Vancouverluft II.  Awesomeator. New word. The entity that is continuously awesome. The awesomeator. Noun. Something awesome that has become an entity unto itself.  It’s back. The beautiful Vancouver wind. The benevolent, blustery, beneficent breeze, blissfully blowing at us the kind, air-born comments of something that is beautiful, and that we can’t control.

We’re living it and that takes up a lot of time but occasionally we emerge from our burrows amidst all our cares and notice the beauty.

IMAG1146And then the smoke came. Like some foreign planet.  Get out.  “Looks like Mars,” I was saying across the courtyard here on level 3 scant minutes ago.  Then our neighbour seemed to go down and I don’t know what got him.  I hope it wasn’t the smoke.

9:23 pm. We’re in downtown Fairview here and the home fires are burning strong. It’s interesting. The novelty is going strong.  If it’s like this a week from now all the smoking you haven’t done will have been negated.  And that includes tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, hashish, beedies,  blow, oxy, junk, crack, everything. It’s gather round the campfire, kids. Let’s have a weenie roast followed by every dear child’s favourite. Marshmallows.

Let’s make it happen.  Burn down the Mission.  Light my fire.  Fire, you’re gonna burn. Burning ring of fire. Firing on all eight cylinders. You’re fired. Fire down below. Fire on the moon. All fired up. Fire if fired upon. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.  Fire away.DSCN0126July 6.  Afternoon.  The smoke’s died down but how do we get the lingering effects out of our hallway?  Put a fan out there and blow it away.

Marigolds courtesy CS Nicol

Author: Steven Brown


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