June Day

June 1.  Turn the page.  And you wonder.  How far can irreverence take you?  You try hard.  Sure you do. You struggle with irreverence and not only irreverence but irrelevance. And then you wonder what that could look like if it doesn’t work out.  I mean in the long term.  And subconsciously, way down, you’re worried. Very worried.  Because you haven’t figured this out.

I can’t believe that Daniel Bruhl and Joshua McGuire are not the same person.  Let’s take a look.

Daniel Bruhl photo courtesy Elena Ringo
Daniel Bruhl



Joshua McGuire
Joshua McGuire

How many people know about this?  This could be important.  What if I’ve stumbled into something here?  Is Daniel Bruhl impersonating Joshua McGuire, or is Joshua McGuire impersonating Daniel Bruhl?  And if so, why?  Why either way?  What is the motive?

This is what happens when you start watching too many movies.  You fall into labyrinths of actors you’ve never heard of and how they actually have well established careers you didn’t know about.  And you wonder, again, for such a supposedly smart guy, why you didn’t know about Daniel Bruhl and Joshua McGuire and not only didn’t know about them but didn’t know about the Bruhl/McGuire look-a-like controversy.  It’s all over the tabs.  I think it was on ET.

6:00 pm.  So you struggle and wrassle with some very important issues.  And then you start tearing apart your mother-in-law’s carpet cleaner to see if it’ll work for the job that needs doing here.  It’s totally relevant.  And it looks like just about everything is set for this massive undertaking.  It’s a Bissell.


actor photogs copyright the photographers


Author: Steven Brown


2 thoughts on “June Day”

  1. Hilarious Steve! I have no idea who those blokes are. I love how you mention the time, 6pm, as you must have been struggling with this all day! I wonder if the younger folks know who these dudes are….?


    1. I’ve no doubt of it. They’s in pictures. Mr. McGuire, as near as I can tell, is also a veteran of the London stage although not quite 30. The more you look into things, the more you find things you don’t know. Why, it’s axiomatic.


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