Sorry February

I want to thank you for that, as one of my mentors once said.  I want to thank you for your graces, February, and sorry I didn’t get back to you a little sooner.  It’s the Canadian in me.  And I was thinking about that.  Where was I this morning?  Yes.  Driving wonderfully, hitting the greens beautifully and making good time, which is important, but not always guaranteed.  I was thinking I’m so Canadian.  It hit me hard.

It’s tough.  It’s tough realizing what you are, and how little you can do about it.  Canadian.  Born but not bred.  A wild, uncontrollable baby and it’s never changed.  February’s half over and it’s like I’ve been avoiding it.  Like I don’t care.  I’m sorry about that, Feb.

Boredom is a terrible contagion.  Plus when you stumble onto the ‘Apathy’ app.  It’s new.  Check it out.  Works great.  Create an account and you don’t have to give a darn about a whole bunch of stuff.  You can care less.

I should have got here sooner but just didn’t feel like it.  It’s terrible.  It’s February and all this darkness is so tiresome, but give the month a chance and maybe it’ll add some lightness and everybody should be encouraged but they don’t have to be if they don’t want to because they’re on their own and and and…  That is an example of a run-on sentence.  Remember those?  Run run.

Everybody needs a break and that certainly includes February.  February’s a good kid and is getting brighter all the time.  Sure it is.  It’s a wonderful month.  Sometimes you just don’t want to think about it.  Everybody knows what that’s about.

If only it was true.  I don’t know what happened here.

DSCN9844But February is great.  I love this month.  It’s still the start of the year.  Brand new days.  Get to be born and re-born.  Just like a lot of other people so you feel that sense of community, that compulsion to isolate yourself.

February, more surprises are in store.  We’re gonna find some new categories!  We are!  And a bunch of other changes you can’t get too hyped about either because they just may never happen.  Thank you for hanging in there.  “I realized changes needed to be made.  I couldn’t make them”.

But you can make them.  Changes are in the offing.  The offing.  Where exactly is that anyway?

Newly Discovered Islands In The Sky
Newly Discovered Islands In The Sky

Makes about as much sense as anything else around here.

Author: Steven Brown


4 thoughts on “Sorry February”

  1. February is the month that gives you prep time to fully enjoy what’s to come. It’s the green room at the talk show, where you wait before coming out on stage. There’s excitement brewing while things are gearing to blossom!! Nice post Steve!


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