Christmas Creep

Go Green
Go Green

It sounds awful but it’s just an observation.  Was an observation because Christmas Creep is already over.  It’s so last month.  But in another sense it’s still here and I’ve been tasked with explaining what I mean, which could be tough.

It’s sitting in a big traffic jam while “The Nutcracker” is serendipitously crackling over the car radio.  It does.  And you feel it.  It’s calming your slightly aggravated nervous system because for a moment or two it’s like a movie.  A kind of interesting movie and you’re in it, trying to get to the next shopping event.  All you want to do and where do all these cars come from?  You’re in one of them.  Christmas is on it’s way.

It’s December 7th but won’t be for long.  You’ve got such a lot to do, to accomplish.  And you wasted the whole afternoon trying to activate a phone.  No is activated, Señora.  Drive around looking for a refund at the local Furor Shop, get it, and more precious time has been lost.  And the phone came from Ontario and you were assured…

It has to work on the network.  You paid for it.  You can’t phone it in.  It’s Christmas.  You have to be there.  The hours pile up and you’re just trying to get through, trying to get through because the days are dwindling down.  If you don’t get those new lights somebody’s gonna die.  No they aren’t.

You just want to get through.  Through to the next round.  And you’re determined it go well as long as nothing, and nobody, tries too hard to impact your efforts.  Watch out.

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Everything’ll be all right.  Nana said so.  We’re adults.  We’re human beings.  We’re civilized and most of us use turn signals.  When it doesn’t happen there’s a brief frisson of irritation, which is what a frisson is all about.  It’s a brief thing.

Most definitely.  I remember that expression and I’m trying to remember the era in which it flourished.  Any help, or promotional consideration, cash, charge or debit is, as always, very greatly appreciated.

More to come…

Author: Steven Brown


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