Gordon Heselton Veteran Page

GWHRight again.  Thought I knew that.  Never volunteer for anything.  It’s a good idea.  And you don’t.  Or try not to.  And you work on that for a few days but then you succumb.  You’re ready to  get it on.  You enlisted.

It’s  1941.  You don’t care.  You’re living on East 21st Avenue and it’s time.  If you look like a clown in a circus it doesn’t matter.  There’s something important here.

427 Squadron RCAF.  Of course it is.  Take your pick.  Emden.  Hanover.  Berlin.  Stuttgart.  The whole smozzle.  Fly your kite and expect to get through.  It’s 1943 and these Officer types have enlisted you.  Pilot Officer.  You got through.

For some reason, and for years, you yourself think about it. They Gazetted you a DFC and Christmas wasn’t even here yet.  And you’re still wondering, who the heck was it?  Bit of a mystery there.  Bit of a genius up there in the ‘tumbling mirth’.  Stupid expression.  That much is obvious.  They don’t hand these DFC things out on street corners.  You were less than modest.  You had to be drawn out.

You made it.  That’s the big thing.  30 big ones and thank you very much.  Combat flying.  I hate that word “combat”.  It was sort of like how the Americans talked.  Great flyers and very brave.

Anyway, I came back home and they buried me in Burnaby with by beloved War Bride. Good place to have them do that for you.  Love Burnaby.  Served us well sixty-six years.  Okay , maybe a few less.  It’s  our children.  And our children’s children.

Thanks for flying Heselton bombers.  We’ll get you to where you’re going and get you back.  It’s what we do.  We’re good and we’re lucky, but most importantly good.  And lucky. We always fly high.  If there’s one thing the Heselton bomber would like to do it’s fly higher!

Lets get in the clouds together!

2014 Heselton update.  Veterans hospital Burnaby aetat. 94


Heselton Family 1942
Heselton Family 1942

Things were fuzzier then, but let’s not forget.

Author: Steven Brown


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