Cat Pictures

That’s right. Something’s happened.  And what that something is no one can rightly say.  Because there’s always a bit of mystery even with the commonest things.  So while we wait for a translation of what that means what do we do?  Cat pictures.  Of course it’s the right thing now.  It’s au courant.  So au courant.  Who cares if what’s happening here today exposes a total lack of ideas?  Nothing really artistic, no weather report, no insight into anything that can be considered as half-way compelling, no add-ons, no free gifts, not much of anything really.  Cat pictures.

As always, let it play itself out.  Don’t resist!  Go along as you get along.  Wait for your opening no matter how long it takes.  Nothing lasts forever except how can anybody know that?  Come on now.

6:04 pm.  The roofers two doors over to the east are working hard. The weather is good and you can’t blame them for still being on the job when they probably started at 7 am.  They probably live in Surrey and are working until the traffic dies down and they can get home faster. Right now it sounds like a couple of guys getting drunk. With saws and nail guns.  Just don’t even think about it.

That’s unfair.  And I hate that.  Hate unfairness.  Surrey has nothing to do with it.  Now there’s really prolonged drilling.  Drill drill drill.  Working hard to get something done.  Everybody’s experienced that.  And it’s getting late.  And when do you quit?  When do you finally give up?  Because even if you live right here in Fairview it’s about getting home at some point, right?  You have a home?  And you can go there?  Now?  Drill drill.  I’ve worked 12 hour shifts.

Whatever it is, though, there’s always something inevitable about it.  I mean I’ve felt that.  Felt that somehow none of this could have been avoided even if I’d tried, which I did.  Some things are hopeless.  Let’s at least have a look at it.  At least have a look at how I didn’t want to admit to myself, or yourself as the case may be, how it’s about trial and error.  But what’s the point in keeping score all the time?  And what’s the difference anyway?

Cat pictures.  That’s what you get told.  Try doing your best all the time as if that’s possible and go with your idea.  Even if you don’t know what it is.  Who is it that doesn’t know?  Right again.  Cat pictures.


Fuius Schmeezer Exarchas
Fuius Schmeezer Exarchas


Author: Steven Brown


8 thoughts on “Cat Pictures”

    1. That James Joyce guy was such a funny. Finnegans Wake. The great hero of the epic sleeps through the whole thing. Maybe that’s why very few people have actually read it. I mean, besides it being written in what to the vast majority is Joyce’s all but impenetrable ur-English. At one point I remember reading ‘Humpheres Cheops Exharchas’, one more of about a billion dream-like references to HCW himself. Thought that rather funny. So that’s where that came from. Pretty sure.


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