Mean People Suck – A Time-honoured Tradition

There’s a lot of people out there who struggle sometimes for a very long time with a situation, and by that I mean a very unsatisfactory situation. There can be a lot of fall-out from this, and as those toxic fall-out flakes are floating down hopefully we take time to write something about our experience, confident in the knowledge this flake-storm won’t last forever and that a sense of truth, honour and decency will ultimately prevail. Here’s to Ultimately! This goes out to Helen Dye, a beautiful but tragically flawed human being who does a lot of damage but is one of my favorite works of fiction in my new novel-in-progress – Wilderness Park.


Why the weak, the mediocre, the lifers and fatties
The dopes, the incompetents, the numberless numbered?
Why the professionals, the experts, the champions of convention
The young and brilliant and beautiful
Why the intelligent, why ‘the record speaks for itself’
Why the prestige and the elite, the cruel elite in their brilliance,
Ease of manner
You open the door and enter the site
Look up at the ceiling and wide expanse of walls
Why the controllers, the compassionless non-empathizers
The robotic rote reaction, the cold, the incalculable
Why the merciless insect rationale the
Complete absence of the minutest decent impulse?
You can say goodbye to your wench
‘Perfectly justified’ never draws off the stench

Why the beast, the lack of remembrance
They’re wheeling him in now, the litterateur who bit it
The lover and conveyor unloved and degraded
Why the lies and psychopathy, the mean
Errant vacuousness and the disgrace
The ignoble dragging down, the callousness
The terrible unkindness of control, the paranoia
The emptiness of unreason and the stupidity (of the season)
The morass, the gutter, the lack of respect
Why the hideousness, the horrorshow horrors (let’s break her neck)
These are the professionals and before they go
Why the death? ‘I’m not afraid of being shy,’ the great one said.
‘I’m afraid of being morose.’
Go ghost, hasten to thy peace.
Did you think you lived to be treated like this?

Author: Steven Brown


3 thoughts on “Mean People Suck – A Time-honoured Tradition”

  1. Steve, may your flakes only be of the frosted variety. I loved that poem of yours – it’s my favorite so far. It’s really, really good! Cheers, Tami


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