You know how it is when something unexpected happens and you’re suddenly plunged into turmoil.  You’re shocked and frustrated and just want to solve the problem but, for a time at least, you feel overwhelmed.  But you know this situation won’t do.  It can’t stand.  You have to act and it doesn’t matter where that might take you.  You’re on it.  And some times, if your luck holds, you get a poem out of it.  That’s what happened here.  Eighteen lines.  Three stanzas of six lines each.  It all works out.  And if that poem turns out to be a love poem that’s great because there doesn’t seem to be that many of them around these days.  I’d be happy to learn I’m misinformed on this.


I felt the desolation of unexpected streets
Of life without you as if I could lose you
The terrible truth of that
Walking in anger and urgency to fix the situation
What would I be like in this world without you?
I would be so alone

I was alone on these undiscovered streets
I knew getting through this angry walk
I knew when I found you
You became a part of me
I could never lose you
But I was looking for you on these never dreamt of streets

I knew getting through this angry walk I’d find the way back to you
I was determined to fix the situation
What a day would be like without you
That was a never to be dreamt of thing, love
I knew I could never be alone
When I found you on these unexpected streets

Author: Steven Brown


5 thoughts on “Serendipities”

  1. Wow, fancy blog – fancy writing!! Nice job Steve. I look forward to plenty more great reading – this is fantastic! Cheerio, tami


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