Nerine Lily

Here’s the reveal on the technology stack we’re constructing at samoyeddogs.  And, as always, a reminder the site has nothing to do with dogs.  You know the ones I mean. One day it could have something to do with them, it’s always a possibility, but not today or just about any other day.  We’re holding to that for now, but images of these cuddly, creepy white dogs keep filtering in.  Make me crazy.

Nerine bowdenii
Nerine bowdenii

Nerine is such a lovely name.  Sweet little Nerine.  She blooms in the fall.  I think Chuck Berry wrote that one.  And they’re so pink.  This thing’s been riding me for months.

It’s the reaction you get when you see something for the first time that’s so incredible and beautiful.  And you didn’t know it exists.  It’s tough when you’re so smart because you’ve seen everything.  The amazement and incredulity and gob-smacked-ness, why, there’s just no end to it.  And the cliché meter is going, “That could be a good thing.”

Late Breaking 'Typhoon' rose
Late Breaking ‘Typhoon’ Rose

Gardening must be so much fun.  I wish I knew something about it.  The man said I could stay as long as I want and I did!  It’s great.  It’s October and the old girl’s got a lot of fight in her yet.  The colours around us are to laugh about.

Supposedly the nerine lily isn’t even a lily.  South African origins.  The name may have been derived from the Nereids of Greek mythology.  You know.  Those little sea nymphs that used to swim around with Poseidon, himself a figment of the imagination.  As if it matters.  And then it’s Halloween.  It’s great.

DSCN0446Garden beauty courtesy CS Nicol


Car Pride Day

What seemed hardly begun is already winding down. A lot of things are like that when you start looking into it.  In case you missed it, it’s “Car Pride Day”.  Car pride day is when you put the words car, pride and day in quotations and capitalize each word so everything seems more important than it just might be. No matter.

It’s October, a storied month, and you’ve got a lot of reading to do.  But before that the car is a mess and if you don’t do something it’ll just sit.  Get out there and clean up the car before it’s too late.  Pride of ownership of a fairly clean car.  It’s you.

1955 Ford Customline SedanI remember these in my dreams.  A starry sky full of 55 Fords.  It’s like some antique show out here and we’re just spraying her down first, then we get in there with the mild detergent and water.  Then, because winter’s coming on, time for a wax job.

You’re in a hurry because you’re meeting your girlfriend at 3:30 pm.  I am?  He likes hot cars and knows about the “Clear coat” cars get these days before they leave the factory.  You know nothing about that, you’re opening your can of carnuaba.  You know about the paint job on your car and it’s lousy.

I love the “egg-crate grill”.  Love the concept.  Love the idea.  You know, it’s just all that antique-y stuff again.

Of course it involves vacuuming too.  Of course it does.  I was just about to say it.  You can do it whenever.  The front and the back and  the trunk, right?  This is one old trunk.  But huge!  And the liner’s in pretty good shape.  I love this car.  God, these people had it good.  TBC…

1955 Ford Customline Tudor photog courtesy the photographer


Snapdragon Pink

Who invents this stuff?  You look up and here it is, growing in a pot suspended on a hook.  Impossibly pink flowers.  I mean you played with snapdragons when you were a kid, right?  You grasp the flower by your thumb and forefinger and squeeze a little and there’s the dragon’s mouth.  Open wide.  I didn’t.  But I could have.


But not pink.  Not this impossibly perfect pink.  It’s a medium pink, almost creamy.  It’s not a dusky pink or a hot pink.  It’s not “Pink”.  It goes pink.  Antirrhinum majus.  “By pinching sides of flower lightly, you can make jaws snap open.”  I never.  It might have jaws but it’s got no teeth.  Nor does it go “snap”.  It’s dead quiet, ladies.  So what is it?  Where do these names come from?  Snapdragon snapdragon.

IMAG1388These are modified snapdragons.  They’re so modified they’re not even snapdragons.  You know.  These people again.  Ipomoea carnea.  They’re pink, but of a vastly different hue than the snapdragons.  It’s true.  These images were taken within seconds of each other in what you might call “flat” lighting conditions.  It’s a whole different pink.  Come on now.

I wouldn’t know anything about that.  And then, just before we decide we’re winding this thing up, some Azalea starts producing it’s own brand of pink flowers.  It’s hard.  Azaleas. We didn’t know.




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