The White Dog

I knew I’d get to this.  It’s not about the dogs.  I mean generally.  Specifically, from time to time, it might be about a specific white dog.  When it happens, Trump me, it’s a rare occurrence.  I mean trust me.  I don’t know what I mean.  I think I know what I mean.

That Is A Tired Animal
That Is A Tired Animal

All the leaves are brown.  Leaves are falling one by one.  The falling leaves drift by my window.  “The white dog” is also an expression from bourbon making.  I remember having the pleasure of being in the fine town of Loretto, Kentucky one fine, fall afternoon.  There wasn’t a single, largish, white fluffy dog in sight.  I felt good about that.  Because I get all squishy and sentimental.

No, I was in Kentucky this beautiful day under the bright, Kentucky sun, to learn about the white dog.  What it is.  And what it can do.  And maybe most importantly of all, where it comes from.  Because pedigree is everything in bourbon making.

Debate #3.  “She’s slaughtering him.  He doesn’t know what to do so it’s motormouth.  Uh-oh.  He’s glaring at the camera eye of America again.  If I don’t get my way there’s gonna be trouble.  Tremendous trouble.”

Then it’s, “If I don’t win I won’t accept it.”  It’s a scream.   Go ahead and don’t accept it then!  Go on.  Go around not accepting it.  You don’t accept it.  I understand that you don’t accept it.  What I’ve heard, and you can bring some clarity to this, is that you don’t accept it.  So then, you don’t accept it.  You don’t accept it.  Tell me again you don’t accept it.


And then it’s,”You know what?  I don’t ******* care if you don’t accept it.  And you want to know something else?  I don’t ******* care.  And if you haven’t heard, I don’t ******* care if your **** falls off and your ******* useless ******* campaign and your useless ******* attempt to take over America has ******* failed.  **** you.

“White Dog” is what the whisky makers of America, or quite a few of them, call the clear, distilled liquid they have produced from corn and a few other things that is set to be poured  into those new American oak barrels whose innards have been slightly charred.          Burned by fire.  And it’ll be staying there for at least a couple of years until it ain’t white no more.  Usually longer.

It's Black and White
It’s Black and White

The White Dog is a symbol of elegance and purity.  That must be what that’s about.  And pride and honour and coherency.  Donald just likes being on TV and being the incoherent centre of attention.  And Donald Trump needs a break.  You look beat, boy.  He needs to get back to entertainment because he’s going to be needing the money.  It’s just funny.

Moving on…

Oktoberfest 2016

Don and Mike. What a falling out was there. So little has changed you don’t know where to begin. Did anybody really think Donny was pure?  There’s probably a hundred tapes like that.  I can see Don post election. “I’m talking about a huge success here. This just isn’t epic fail, it’s terrific fail.” He’ll be looking for work and getting it.

But that’s not why we’re saving this draft this evening.  We’re here to talk about Ted Cruz and Oktoberfest.  I love how they spell it like that.  Ted is back.  The Calgary native has dis-re-endorsed.  He invented a new concept.  After discussions with his team and his family, the way forward is no go.  I don’t blame him.  He felt he had to do something.

oktoberfest_1_1Ted Cruz and Oktoberfest and I go back a long way.  We go back two posts ago, a place not even this soldier wants to go.

It doesn’t matter now.  If you ever wake up in the Hofbräuhaus at 5:30 in the morning don’t worry about it.  It’s a big place and they just couldn’t find you.  I was there.

Oktoberfest is obviously a special time.  It’s Oktoberfestbier time. And this Paulaner put me right back there in old München.  Dear, dear Munich.

Most of all I remember the bier.  Don’t say that too many times or they’ll think you’re weird.  And they’ll be right.

Post Debate 2 it’s plain the Trumpster’s a mad stalker.  He couldn’t stand still and was obviously doing everything he could to hold himself back from cold-cocking Hillary with that mic of his.

Did you catch him with those burning eyes looking straight into the burning camera eye of America?  “Don’t you understand?  I wanna be prezident.  Prezident Prezident Prezident.  Is that so hard for you people?  Look.  What part of want to be prezident don’t you get?  Prezident.  Me.  You losers!”

Samoyeddogs’ll be right back


Outpost Of Empire 4

Then Don goes bitching about the mic set-up at the debate. What a whiny little ***** this dude is. I nearly burst into tears, such was my empathy.  I was so glad when somebody else besides me noted the similarities between Donny and Mussolini.  I mean, come on, Don.  I took that course.  Now he’s bragging about how he hasn’t paid taxes in years.  Wystan Hugh Auden says it best:  “Intellectual disgrace stares from every human face”.   Auden was great at parties.

“When you’re listening to “A String of Pearls” in twilight on Boundary Pass you know you’re at this Outpost of Empire.  We’re back.  Let’s capitalize on that. This gig is goin great. The votes are in and Glenn Miller and his orchestra are the big winners this evening. “Perfidia”.  “American Patrol”. “In the Mood”.   That’s how it goes.  That’s the way it’s always been with me.  What I mean is the job isn’t bad but the pay’s nothing.  It’s the calmness at twilight out here because it isn’t always like this.

img_1540You start thinking about what’s it gonna be tonight?  Mexican or British?  What’s happening in the kitchen?  It’s right in my kitchen.  I mean “Better come in the kitchen, cause it’s going to be raining outside”.  That’s when you know the forecast and you’re good with it.  It’s all good.  And then you just don’t care anymore.  Because you’ve won, handsome.  You made it and it didn’t matter if anybody noticed because this here is it!

Drown me with a spoon the “Maasdam” is just coming through Boundary Pass. A beautiful ship.  Holland America Line.  Sailing west heading for Haro Strait.  A bit down in the bow and listing to port but that’s the sort of thing nobody on board ever notices.  I apologize this image isn’t a bit sharper.  I dropped the camera.  1250 passengers.  580 crew.  Outbound for Sydney, Australia by way of Hawaii and the South Pacific.  Holland America Line is headquartered in Seattle, Wa.  I didn’t know that.

MS Maasdam
MS Maasdam

We’d just like to acknowledge the kind feed-back from the good people of Sequim, Washington and their kind forbearance for the the fact that (an expression my mother told me never to use) the site didn’t know the correct pronounciation of the name of their fine town.  Pronounced “Squim”.  You know,  I seen it on a map and always thought of it as “See-quim” but that is just plain wrong.  Next up on KSQM Miss Peggy Lee and “Why Don’t You Do Right (Get Me Some Money Too)” .  Tomorrow night Iggy Pop’s coming in with some “Raw Power” and I know we’re going to get a load of that.

Orcas Island in the Background
Orcas Island in the Background
Out of Bounds on the Right
Out of Bounds on the Right

Thank you for your kind interest in this little travelogue.  We appreciate it.  Stay with us.  We’ll be right back after these important messages.