February 2017

It’s tough to be apolitical.  Sometimes you just can’t.  There’s an old saying in aerodynamics.  If it looks right it’ll fly right.  And that’s not happening here.

Chicago Tribune Image Grab
Chicago Tribune Image Grab

Something doesn’t look quite right here.  The aerodynamics are off.

Mattel, makers of the talking Kellyanne Conway doll, announce a life-size version.

There was a time when this reporter said, and he always said this, whether he was just trying to be funny or who knows what, “It’s probably the greatest name that was ever invented.  I never met a “Steve” I didn’t like.”

It sounds stupid but those days are gone.  It didn’t start with this guy exactly.  But the expression itself had its origin in something a guy named Will Rogers once said.  “I never met a man I  didn’t like.”  However improbable or implausible a concept, Will did apparently say that.

The Globe&Mail published a piece on the weekend by Robert Everett-Green about Masha Alyokhina.  in 2012 Masha Alyokhina was tried and jailed with two other members of “Pussy Riot” after a performance at a Moscow cathedral.

Masha, 28, has some interesting things to say.  “The modern history of Russia is written in the courtroom.  There are really  no opposition politicians who don’t have criminal cases against them.”

Masha co-founded “Mediazona” in 2014. Mediazona “Mediazona covers all topics connected with freedom in Russia, police violence, political violence and political courts,” says Masha.

“In two years we have changed the media discourse.  Before us, nobody covered political courts, prisons and police violence.  Now, because we are quite big (in terms of readership), others have to cover it too, even state media.  They do it in the old way, like propaganda, but they have to cover it, to be in opposition to us.”

Masha rejects comparisons of Donald Trump with Vladimir Putin.  “The difference between Trump and Putin is really big.  Putin is a product of the Russian state-security service, which has a long history of repression, almost a century.  Trump is just an asshole.”

This is a general, all ages site that doesn’t go in for a lot of swearing and cursing.  We save that for the TV.  But I thought that if the Globe can publish that word I can do it here once.

Back to “Honey Badger” Steve-o Bannon.  You may have read that the honey badger is his favourite animal and an animal he compares himself to.  Yes, he wasn’t joking.  Something to do with the badger’s thick skin and how Bannon, like the badger, can make it through the most violent personal attack.  He is unperturbed.  You can tell that by the simpering expression usually adorning his face.

Bannon’s due for a spanking and it’s only a matter of time.  Maybe it’ll be Kellyanne Conway, maybe it won’t, but one of these days somebody’s going to pull down his pants and tan his hide.

Here’s a link to the Globe&Mail story if you’re interested in reading the whole thing.

Dissident Russian artists try to break through ‘the zone of message control’


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Make America Hate Again

samoyeddogs News Aggregator Is On The Air

Cut Throat Productions executive producer Fritz Jones declared himself “very happy” in a recent interview with samoyeddogs that ABC has picked up his new half hour experiment “Alien Zombies in the White House” airing Tuesday nights starting this January. “It’s a comedy show with some horror and reality TV and some other stuff,” says Fritz. “Yeah, it was great to get Chris back.”

Chris, of course, is the hunky Chris Hemsworth, star of “Kid With the Mask”, ABC’s ratings stand-out cancelled earlier this week. “It was time for a change and Chris and I both saw that, so yeah, the Kid had to go,” says Fritz. “But we couldn’t be more excited about Alien Zombies in the White House.”

Looking forward to the premiere.

In other news the site couldn’t help notice yesterday’s story in the Los Angeles Times that newly minted White House chief political strategist Stephen Bannon has revealed plans for a corps of attack dogs trained to go after black people, muslims, people of the Jewish faith and “Anybody else who gets in our way”.

The “Freedom” dogs will be a special breed of white Alsatians.  Bannon says he got the idea from movie director Samuel Fuller’s 1982 production of “White Dog” that starred Kristy McNichol, Paul Winfield and Burl Ives in which an injured stray white dog is nursed back to health only for it’s new owner to discover the normally tame and mild-mannered hound metamorphoses into a vicious killer every time he encounters a person of colour.

“It’s a brilliant movie and I love old movies,” says Bannon.  “I really dig ’em.  We feel attacking black people is a good start but it’s an idea that has great potential for expansion.  Our freedom fighting corps of white canines should be ready to go within weeks of the inauguration.  It’s going to be superb.”

Initial plans call for a 100 dog training facility on the White House South Lawn.  Once training is complete the dogs will be released around the Washington, DC area.

“We’ll see how it goes,” said Bannon.  “We’d like to see white freedom dogs in all 50 states.”

Entertainment Weekly is reporting president-elect son-in-law Jared Kushner has retained the services of a smile coach in an effort to help him look less menacing when confronted with news photographers and reporters.

“The media’s so biased when it comes to the unsuitability of Donald as president,” said Kushner.  “We know he’s unsuitable.  That’s the point.  But there’s so much bias.  It makes me angry when I’m confronted by these losers with their damn cameras and questions, but I don’t want to, you know, scare the kids.”

When asked to comment on Stephen Bannon’s white freedom dog initiative Kushner, who is Jewish, said, “No comment at this time.”

It’s just a matter of time before they get that one sorted out.

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I Think That Went Fairly Poorly Or Not

America’s stupider than a lot of people thought, including me.  Or maybe it’s everybody that thinks America’s stupider than a lot of people thought that are the stupids.  If that’s true I’m in there.  Time will tell.  Wheel of fortune.

Is stupid open to interpretation?  That’s a liberal way of asking can there be a lot of stupid people who don’t know they’re stupid?  That think other people are stupid?  And is their stupidity, if it exists, any greater than those who think they’re stupid, who, it has to be said, have been stupid themselves?

There’s winner stupids and loser stupids and the loser stupids won.  Does that explain it?  Or were the winner stupids actually the loser stupids making the mis-labelled loser stupids winners?  Anyway, that’s what happened.

Everyone has done stupid things and maybe that’s the way ahead, but just how much stupidity is it going to take?  Where’s this thing headed?  Stupid stupids.   They’re everywhere.  It’s going to be stupendous, stupid.  Depending how you look at it.  Stupid.  Stupid yourself.

Eminem says it best:  “Paul, listen.  Joe just called me and told me you’re in the ******* back behind the studio shooting your gun off in the air like it’s a shooting range.  I told you not to ******* bring your gun around like an idiot.  Outside of your home.  You’re going to get yourself in trouble.  Don’t bring your gun outside of your home.  You can’t carry it on you.   Leave your ******* gun at home.”



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