Drones Over The Teardown

I wouldn’t know anything about that. I know a lot of guys who’d take a couple of hits and fold, but I didn’t think it would happen to me. That’s why I’m denying everything.

I did nothing.  I didn’t dig that hole and I didn’t fill it in, and I sure as heck didn’t kill anybody.  It’s a rite of passage.  Burying something in the back yard.

IMG_0488Then the drones came.  Actually, it was just one drone, and I wasn’t there.  But it’s easy to imagine.  You’ve spent years building this place up.  You wish you could wake up from this nightmare.

There’s a drone hovering about twenty feet over your head and it’s right over your mother’s backyard.  That’s the backyard that’s had the heck beat out of it the last couple of weeks with this ‘gotta get rid of this old buried fuel oil tank’ thing.  It took a terrible toll on the “Lily of The Valley” I can tell you that.

They buried hundreds of these things in old Point Grey backyards in the old days, home heating oil tanks, before the 50s when natural gas heating came in.  And most people just plugged the tanks and left them there.  City Hall wants ’em out now.  Especially if you’re selling.


Interesting news out of Hollywood tonight. I was glad to see Chris Hemsworth has signed for another 8 episodes as “The Kid With the Mask”.  Love that show. Drives around in a car with this stupid, small, black mask covering the middle of his face and helps people.

Executive producer Jay Fritz told Entertainment Weekly “We’re thrilled and very grateful ABC has picked up the show for another season. And we’re looking forward to the continuation of a very strong relationship.” I hope so. It’s the greatest thing ABC’s done Wednesday night since “That’ll Be the Day”.  Co-star, the mercurial Jack Black, who plays Hemsworth’s sidekick “Diablo” is coming back too. Cool.IMG_0720

Eighteen tons of contaminated soil they hauled out of there.  Love that song my grandaddy used to hum.  ‘You load eighteen tons and whadya get?’  I think it was ‘sixteen tons and whadya get?’, actually.  They filled the hole with sand and topsoil and threw in a sidewalk they’d destroyed in their ravings, for bulk.

The house is mostly empty now and is going on the market.  Its a brave little house and we know it’ll do well and, who knows, maybe it won’t be a teardown.

Maybe someone will recognize the house for what it is—a bunch of 72 year old wood and plaster and stucco and concrete that comes with a dilapidated garage out back for a couple of million bucks.  And they’ll want to keep it just the way it is because they’re old fashioned.

My consort was so incensed at the sight of this drone she went to investigate.  And when my consort gets incensed and goes to investigate my advice is get out of the way.IMG_0690A couple of houses up the back lane she could see a guy on a back deck intently focused on his drone control panel.  Two children were playing in the backyard below him.  They weren’t that interested in what he was doing.

My consort stood there for about a full minute waiting for the brother to notice her so she could say something like, “Sir, don’t fly your d*&%#* drone over private property”.  Or, “Sir, you need to be in control of your d*&%#* stupid, irritating, obnoxious, invasive, noisy drone.”  He did not have his drone in control.  And didn’t know where it was.  But he never looked up.


Author: Steven Brown


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