We’re too modest and we know it. We’re too efficient and we take for granted that all entrepreneurial, leading-edge enterprises are as progressive, forward-thinking and enlightened and other clichés as the folks here at samoyeddogs.

We forget how talented we are and think it no big thing to win fifty thousand dollars for a poem.  I mean fifty dollars.  $50.  Did I say $50,000?  Money is no object.  It’s a good poem, obviously, and it deserved the $50.  Needed it too.  And there’s at least fifty thousand dollars worth of wisdom and clichés in “The Boys”.  Personally I wouldn’t pay a dime over ten thousand.  But that’s just me!

That’s right. A few howlers, some idealism expressed, a bracing dash of cynicism and a bit of a mysterious lyric. 16 lines in two 8 line stanzas. Stanza. Love that word. A stanza helps you get organized and that’s great.

The Boys

They have no male role models
Their fathers were gut shot or had their brains blown out
That’s why they’re like that
They have no respect
Because they don’t know what respect is
They’ve never known discipline
They’ve never faced the consequences of their bad behaviour
They behave like imbeciles and it’s not right.

How will they learn if we can teach them?
Because they’re doomed on their own
They’re going down and if we don’t do something
No one will and it’s the world’s loss
And we’re decent, we acknowledge responsibility
And we volunteer because it’s the right thing to do
Even if it’s a waste of time
How will they learn if we can teach them?

50 big ones. You know what happened? The fifty grand got donated. How altruistic! Some organizations, doing important work, exist solely by donation. I know. Hard to believe. Priorities. They can be a little messy at times. All you can do is try and get it right.

I want to thank the panel, the organizers, the judges, and why not while we’re at it deliver a big “Sit!” to all the hounds, be they breed or mongrel, on Hound Hill? You’ve worked hard and made us better. What was that again?


Author: Steven Brown


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