Small Dog From Texas

I knew it might happen.  But I didn’t know it would happen.  Actually, no.  It came as a complete surprise.  Wait, it was a pleasant surprise, but somehow not a complete one.  It was a semi-surprise.  Pleasant semi-surprises aren’t getting enough ink these days so to get one is good.  It’s nice.

We’ve been getting a lot of mail at about the origin of that title.  It’s Russian.  I organized it when I was in Moscow on the last leg of my Eastern European tour.  It was a food stand right in Red Square, that lovely place.  All that brick and Russians.  Samoyed Dogs.  Some kind of Russian hot dog.  Tasty.

The pronunciation is akin to Samizdat (sam-ee-is-dat).  Something like that.  Samoy-yeh-dogs.  Very Russian.  Very untrue.  You kids remember Samizdat.  Here’s a link

The site and the concept have in common that if you can’t get published in official channels unless you want to get shot or receive a free trip to the gulag you start exploring other options.  You pass it around clandestinely.  Love that word.  Of course this here ain’t exactly clandestine and runs none of the pretty severe risks people took in the samizdat era, which, under that little twerp Vladimir Putin, probably still exists.  Did I just say something?

Some big, kind and generous friends of the site have taken to calling it “The dogs”, as in, “Really enjoy the dogs.  Keep them coming.”

“It’s not about the dogs,” I keep saying.  No one listens.  It’s sad.  And then I contradict myself and write about a small dog from Texas.  As my old accounting prof said, “It can get confusing.”  Bless him, he was right.

The Ring Please
The Ring Please

Georgia by name, a rescue hound.  Used to roam among the cacti not too long ago then caught a bomber from the Lone Star State.  How’d she do that?  Still in training mode.  Forced these people to come to a mysterious island, a place they’d never been before, and do it.  Managed to stay out of all the pictures, all that incriminating evidence, as it used to be called and maybe still is.  Doesn’t matter.  Strange things happen on mysterious islands.  Guys’ll get all sentimental and start handing over engagement rings.  The dog just looks up.  I don’t know about climbing up because I wasn’t there.  Bet she did though.

I should probably take another crack at explaining where that samoyeddogs title came from.


Author: Steven Brown


6 thoughts on “Small Dog From Texas”

  1. I know that ring……………..beware those mysterious , sentimental islands if you want to remain single


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